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I am currently building the content to this website and hope to finish by summer 2015.

There will be two types of access to the content; free and full access.

The free content will really help you to develop your English with interesting explanations, examples and exercises.

All of the essential information and completely free of charge!

However, signing-up to the full-access content will deliver the true user experience, including; colour videos, extended content and an exclusive face-to-face practise area.

A one-time payment for the continual development of your English!


An honest opportunity to understand and develop your position as a user of English.

Be personally coached by an accomplished teacher who will guide you through the learning process and beyond.

Establish, maintain and build upon your level of English with this online support and the resources and time available to you in your daily life.

Delivered using Skype and available either to individuals or pairs.

Please note that taking lessons as a pair has two significant advantages.

Firstly, it is a good introduction to the practise area of this website and secondly, it is of course cheaper!


A unique experience that will change the way you see and feel English language.

When you are bored of the academic approach and are in need of something different to revitalise your English, then come and join us!

Participate in lessons where you are challenged to think, encouraged to question and most importantly, brought together as English speakers.

Join an open group or book a private lesson through this website.

An open group is the cheapest option and is for 3-6 students.

A private lesson can be for any number of students and for any specific topic or purpose.


A fantastic chance to collaborate and explore the English speaking world together!

I can deliver lessons abroad, whether you are a company, a private individual or a group.

I also offer to train and advise fellow teachers of English language.

Please contact me with details of your interest.

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