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'English to share' is a monthly series of videos that helps you to become a more understanding and healthier user of English language.

Practical, innovative and honest; this series is a fresh approach to appreciating the various parts of English language, discovering the logic of how these parts work together and making more confident use of your own English in real world contexts.

Each month a set of three videos will be released.

The first video each month will gradually develop an explanation of the language through an adventure.

The other two videos will accompany the first video with related topics and matters of interest.

These videos will be free, every month, for at least twelve months.

To accompany these videos, each month there will be an expanded amount of content made available online here on

This content will be about:

Explore Adventures & Matters

Understand Grammar Explanations

Develop Vocabulary

Shared Practice


This content will be free for August, September and October 2015.

However, as of November 2015, these pages will only be availbe to people who are paid members of

Early bird prices for July, August September and October.

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