Spring is here, and a new site design too!

Welcome to my website!Guidance!

I hope to provide interesting and useful content to help you understand and develop your English.

Firstly, I must apologise for any inconvenience caused by the redesign of this website since it first went online in July 2010. These changes have been important and influenced the evolution of the site to its present appearance, an appearance that I am now happy with.

So, now that I am happy with the appearance, it is time to start uploading content and information again!

The main section of this website is 'Learn'; where through 'The Map of Tenses' you can discover a clear image of grammatical tenses.

Supporting this section, and often using the Map of tenses, are further sections* including;

'More' [English language topics]
'Practise' [Exercises, Activities & Advice]
[Reference lists & Themes]

*These sections will be added once the majority of the Stages are completed [Stage Aa to D or E].

Please note, each section can be explored;

As a step-by-step process [for developed understanding and learning]

Via an index of links [for quick navigation to specific topics/pages]

More sections will be revealed on this blog in the near future, including;

'My services' [Professional services that I offer]
'News' [How to keep up-to-date with developments on both the website and my services]

Please feel free to join as a member [it's free!] and use the 'Forum' to give your feedback on everything, ask questions and create a user community!

Best wishes and more news soon,



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